Coconut Lotion Cakes, Whipped Body Butters, Scrubs & more !!


Our products are made with all-natural pure coconut oil and only the finest ingredients and essential oils. Everything is handmade and molded. 

We have launched the current product line with some of our top sellers and favorites. In time as we expand and grow we will enhance our product line.
  1. CocoSilk
    Let the warmth of pure whipped coconut oil enrobe you in a soft silkiness and glow. This blend will keep you moisturized and smooth through the harshest winter conditions without a tacky or heavy feel.
  2. BergyLav
    This particular blend of Bergamot and Lavender will help ease your anxiety & soothe your nerves. Bergamot's spicy sweet scent blended with Lavender's woody undertones makes this scent an essential part of your routine.
  3. Sensual Rose
    Sensual Rose
    The soft woody floral aroma of this oil enhances your mood and works as an aphrodisiac to set the ambiance for that special date night or a warm cozy night cuddled up with your favorite book in front of the fireplace.
  4. CloveWarmth
    This fall blend of warm woody cloves with soft undertones of sweet oranges will tantalize your senses and kick-start those mornings when you are ready to bring your A-game whether it be to the office or your home.
  5. EucaLemon
    A warm woody blend of Eucalyptus with top notes of sharp clean lemon. Helps to clear thoughts, assists with concentration, and lifts the spirits.
  6. SandalSin
    Warm sensuous sandalwood and rosewood essential oils combine to give you the best aromatic experience of your life. A definite must have in your bathroom for any day you want to lift your mood.
  7. CoffeeLove
    Not only will this gourmet coffee scrub awaken your senses but will also help reduce cellulite in those stubborn areas. Along with a good diet and exercise, your skin will be tight, invigorated and will glisten and glow.
  8. A Date with Vanilla
    A Date with Vanilla
    For those soft wintery nights when you want soak your worries away, warm up a bath and scrub away the grime of the day with warm smooth vanilla sugar coconut scrub.
Lotion Cakes
Our lotion cakes are made with all-natural coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. These are only available in winter. 
Featured Scents -

  • BergyLav
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Sensual Rose
  • Clove Warmth and
  • SandalSin
Whipped Body Butters
Our Whipped body Butters are made with all natural coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. These are only available in winter. 
Featured Scents -

  • CocoSilk
  • CocoLemon
  • EucaLemon
  • CloveWarmth
  • BergyLav
Our scrubs are made with all natural coconut oil, demerara sugar or sea salt and essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. 
Featured Scents -

  • Lemony
  • CoffeeLove
  • MojitoTime
  • A Date with Vanilla