Coconut Lotion Cakes, Whipped Body Butters, Scrubs & more !!
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  1. Coffee at the Bar
    Coffee at the Bar
    Not only will this gourmet solid coffee scrub awaken your senses but will also help reduce cellulite in those stubborn areas. Along with a good diet and exercise, your skin will be tight, invigorated and will glisten and glow.
  2. Almond Honey
    Almond Honey
    This particular blend of sweet almond oil and honey smells good enough to eat ! This rich blend will keep you moisturized and is a great way to soothe the skin, as well as reduce inflammation and heal dry, itchy skin.
  3. Pink Himalayan
    Pink Himalayan
    The soft floral blossom scent of this soap with the addition of pink Himalayan sea salt and rose petals will get you ready for that special night. Not only does it exfoliate but it also hydrates your skin.
  4. LemonSugar
    This sweet blend of lemon, sugar and coconut oil is sure to brighten your spirits, lift your mood and leave you with baby soft skin.
  5. CocoLocco
    Let the warmth of pure whipped coconut oil and sugar clean and energize you for a new beginning. This mild yet sweet scrub will have you moisturized and softened like the finest silk.
  6. EpsomLove
    Ease those tight muscles and sore back with a rub down with our Lavender EpsomLove cubes. Excellent after a hard work out or a strenuous day, when all you want to do is relax!
  7. Lavender
    This classic scent with help soothe and relax your spirit and mind. Not only will it improve your sleep cycles but it also alleviates headaches and slows the aging process due to its powerful antioxidant properties.
  8. Chocolate Chai
    Chocolate Chai
    Who doesn't like a little chocolate in their chai ! This new blend of cinnamon and clove with coco butter and coconut oil base lotion bar is all the rage to kick off Valentines Day.
  9. Almond Rose
    Almond Rose
    A soft blend of rose oil and sweet almond essence will start of your mornings with you at the forefront. Keep that thought in mind and make sure you surround your self with the people who mean the most to you !
  10. CocoLemon
    A light citrusy blend with top notes of lemon and coconut. Helps to clear thoughts, assists with concentration, and lifts the spirits with a great start to those spring mornings.
  11. Mojito Time !
    Mojito Time !
    A warm citrusy blend with notes of lime, mint and coconut. Kick start your morning or use it after a hard work out to clear thoughts, soften up your skin and spritz up your day !
  12. GrapefruitLavender
    A warm citrusy blend with top notes of grapefruit and warm lavender. Helps to soothe, and relax your spirits. A light and fresh start to those early spring mornings.
Bath Fizzies and Truffles
Our Bath Fizzies are made with all natural coconut oil, almond oil, premium Dutch whole milk powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, epsom salts, rose or lavender petals, and essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. 
Featured Scents -

  • Rose & Milk
  • Grapefruit & Lavender
  • Sweet Wild Orange
  • Lavender
Our home made soaps are either a goats milk soap base or a pure glycerin soap base. These may have our all natural coconut oil, sweet almond oil and/or essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. 
Featured Scents -

  • Pink Himalayan 
  • Almond Honey
  • Almond Rose
  • Kona Nut Macadamia (Special)
  • Earl Grey Creme (Special)
Solid Scrubs
Our scrubs are made with either our goats milk soap or clear glycerin soap base, all natural coconut oil, almond oil, pink himalayan sea salt, sugar, demerara sugar or sea salt and essential oils. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page. 
Featured Scents -

  • EpsomLove
  • Coffee at the Bar
  • LemonSugar or 
  • Our signature CocoLocco
Jell-O Shots
Our Jell-O shots are facial jelly soaps made with unflavoured gelatin, and may contain natural color and glitter. Individual Ingredients are listed on our Ingredients page.
Featured Scents -

  • Lemony
  • Lavender