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How to place an Order

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Individual Orders -

For individual orders, the best way to place an order is to review the items you would like to purchase and give us a call at 480-808-3178 or place an order via email at [email protected]

Only Soaps and Bath Bombs can be mailed via USPS for $6.95 in a small mailer covering up to $50 insurance and can be paid via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover via Square payments. Please place orders via email or phone. 

Spa Parties -

If you would like to gather a group of 20 or more individuals we would be happy to come out to your home and bring a collection of our products so that you could sample any or all of our products and make a purchase in person. 

Events or Weddings -
Our products make excellent gifts as party favors, thank you gift baskets, bride’s maids’ baskets, sweet 16 parties’ gifts or wedding favors. We would be more than happy to work with you individually if you would like to purchase a gift basket or place a larger order with us. Please do recognize that since the products are all handmade it would be better to contact us at least 2 weeks in advance to place any order of 30 items or more. For larger events please ensure a 30-day notice period at least.
Payment - 
We accept all major credit cards - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. Please do note all payments have to be made in advance since these are handcrafted items. 
Refunds & Returns - 

We gladly accept returns and exchanges. Please note the item has to be returned to us within 5 days of purchase. All items have to be returned without being opened or used in original packaging in saleable condition.
Custom or personalized orders unfortunately can't be returned or exchanged due to the nature of these items. 

Conditions of return -
If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.

Gift Basket Gallery

Soap Gift Boxes & Bath Bomb Gift Set

Citrus Basket -L (left) & Citrus Basket -M (right)

Wedding Gift Basket in Lavender - $165

Coffee Basket -M

Citrus Basket -L (left) & Lav. Basket -M (right)

5 Soap Gift Set

Christmas Basket Catalog
Baskets are available for Christmas and on special order. They are available in Lavender, Citrus, Coffee & Rose. Bath bomb baskets are also available 3 large for $25 and 3 medium for $15 in Lavender, Citrus, Coffee & Rose as well. Special soaps boxes are available 3 large soaps or 5 small ones for $25 
  1. 2
    Lav. Basket -L
    2 lavender soaps, 3 lavender bath bombs, 1 lavender bath salt
  2. 6
    Lav. Basket -M
    1 soap, 3 bath bombs, 1 lavender bath salt
  3. 10
    Lav. Basket -S
    1 soap, 2 bath bombs
  4. 0
    Coffee Basket -L
    1 soap, 1 coffee scrub, 2 coffee bath bombs 1 x-large coffee bath bomb
  5. 1
    Citrus Basket -L
    1 soap, 1 mojito scrub, 2 citrus bath bombs 1 x-large citrus bath bomb
  6. 3
    Rose Basket -L
    2 soap, 2 Milk & Rose bath bombs 2 bath salts
  7. 5
    Citrus Basket -M
    1 soap, 1 mojito scrub, 2 citrus bath bombs
  8. 7
    Rose Basket -M
    1 soap, 2 Milk & Rose bath bombs 1 rose bath salt
  9. 4
    Coffee Basket -M
    1 soap, 1 coffee scrub, 2 coffee bath bombs
  10. 8
    Coffee Basket -S
    1 soap, 2 bath bombs
  11. 9
    Citrus Basket -S
    1 soap, 3 bath bombs
  12. 11
    Rose Basket -S
    1 soap, 1 bath bombs 1 bath salt

In Stores

You can currently find some of our favourites at the following stores

  1. Proformance
    Scrubs - CoffeeLove, Mojito Time! Soaps - Pink Himalayan, Almond Honey, Almond Rose, Kona Macademia Nut Bath Fizze - Rose & Milk