Coconut Lotion Cakes, Whipped Body Butters, Scrubs & more !!


A few words from some of our many satisfied customers.
  1. Lisa Rouhani - Mom of 2 boys
    "I absolutely love CoffeeLove and CocoSilk. My husband and my boys love CocoSilk as it has a very mild natural coconut scent yet keeps them moist and flake free where as I just adore the coffee scrub. Not only does it soften and tighten my skin but I love the warm coffee and coconut scent !!"
  2. Heather Tobey - Massage Therapist
    I just love the Clovewarmth Whipped Butter and my customers love it too! Its a a beautiful emulsion of coconut oil, almond oil and orange & clove essential oil that gives me a perfect glide for my massages. As well as work on my clients for their deep tissue work!
  3. Jacqui Bitting-Allen - Baseball Mom
    The whipped butters, liquid scrubs and soaps by CocoLocco are my favorite. I recently tried CoffeeLove & MojitoTime and I'm thrilled! CoffeeLove has a demerara sugar that is a larger crystal and as stated does a wonderful job on my thighs. I work out like a fiend and am super healthy so this is an amazing scrub! And the Pink Himalayan and the Almond Oatmeal are both soft and lush, melt in your hands smooth & I just love the smell - its divine. I'm so happy I can now get wonderful all natural products that I just adore !!
  4. Vicki Martinez - Group Fitness Instructor & Super Mom
    The best part about being a fitness instructor is that I get to shower & bathe multiple times a day. The worst part about being a fitness instructor is I get to shower multiple times a day ;) The reason I love CocoLocco is that I love coconut oil as its very nourishing and moisturizing for my skin. I have pretty much tried every product. I just love the fact they are all natural , smell divine, have no chemicals or artificial ingredients and they make my skin softer, smoother & more lush than ever. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a natural product rather than the fake/artificial stuff we get in the market today and it leaves no residue, so its easy to clean the tub!
  5. Maria Rutz - Massage Therapist
    I do mostly deep work on my clients as well as IASM. The whipped butters by CocoLocco have a good glide and work excellently with all my tools. I'm extremely satisfied to have found such a good natural product that I & my clients love.
  6. Dan Welsh - Business Owner
    Love CocoSilk! Amazing whipped butter than keeps my hands soft and smooth.